Enore and Christine’s brief for their house was simple. Create us a house for a large family that allows room for personal growth both collectively and privately.

The home must incorporate separate zones for the children and adults with a central communal space dividing them. A home office need to be incorporated with access to the entry and the living space must be modelled around entertaining and connectivity.

A high level of trust was placed in the designer’s hands with no preconceived design ideas or outcomes’ meaning the end result was governed by site context, connection to the external environment and spatial quality.



A sense of movement and light was stitched into the building fabric due to the depth of the lot and size of the home. Voluminous internal spaces reflect the heritage of the old home and the surrounding context.

Continuous connection to the external landscape has been carefully curated to enhance the internal experience. The internal courtyard allows a tranquil moment whilst also ensuring a functional ventilation path. The kitchen remains at the heart of the home both by location, transition and functionality.

The residence was kept as a single storey home to respect the surrounding context and character and the exclusion of fencing maintains the pre-existing streetscape aesthetic and functionality. The material palette was selected in the same vein with modern interpretations on heritage qualities and a colour scheme that was not overpowering to the surrounding context.



The level of trust placed in our hands by the client allowed for the project to be executed with their best interests in mind. We continuously strived to create a home that was the best result for the client’s current and future needs. An adaptive response to both site and brief.

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