New home on the old block


When it came to building their two-storey Aquila Homes custom home, sisters Stephanie and Rhonda knew their Woodlands block better than most – it long belonged in their family.

“As we had lived on the block for most of our lives, we knew the best aspects for the sun, wind and rain, and this influenced not only the design of the house, but its placement on the block,” they told New Homes.

While this knowledge proved helpful in planning, Stephanie and Rhonda were building for the first time and were overwhelmed for choice in a crowded display home market.

“We started out looking at display homes and got totally confused,” they said.

“We couldn’t find a plan we liked that would be within our budget from the regular builders. With a custom build we got exactly what we wanted designed to our specifications and within our budget.”

The decision as to which builder to go with came along via a chat with a building broker, who tendered the pair’s plans to three companies. Aquila ultimately came out on top.

“What appealed most about Aquila was we could get the home we wanted within the budget we had, without losing anything on the finishings,” they said.

“We had checked the various builds that Aquila had already completed and they all looked beautifully finished.”

The decision was taken to build a double-storey home to make the most of the block’s potential city views, as well as offer what the pair needed lifestyle-wise from the end product.

With a custom build we got exactly what we wanted designed to our specifications and within our budget.

“We didn’t want to use the entire block for the house, as we wanted to have a large enough backyard for a pool and gardens and pets, without limiting the size of the home,” the sisters said.

“We also wanted to build a house that would suit the area and retain its value.

“With Aquila being the builder, we found it easy sticking to the budget for the build, as we used the majority of their standard fittings and fixtures.

“These were already great quality, so we didn’t need to make further upgrades. This also meant we could focus on only changing the structural things for the betterment of the home.”

The final product was a home that more than met the brief for Stephanie and Rhonda.

“The home has turned out beyond our expectations,” they said.

“We are extremely happy with the final build and the quality of the workmanship that came from the team at Aquila Homes.”